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This site allows you to choose and print the storyboard size that is required –

Great explanation of storyboards with some examples  –


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Photo Story 3 for Windows

Some tutorial sites for Photo Story  –

A great step by step tutorial can be found at

This site has some excellent ideas for using digital images across KLAs as well as clear instructions for using Photo Story 3 –

This site has so many links to digital story telling, podcast and more  –


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Lit Terms in Modern Media

A great site from Todd –

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Comic Life

A great example of Comic Life from the PlasQ site –  Robert Fripp and Tony Levin  sharing the day-to-day stories of touring within one of the most influential prog rock bands – on King Crimson’s 40th Anniversary Tour  –

A reminder of how to use Comic Life in the Classroom  –

TeacherTube has a great video on Comic Life  –

Some examples of Student work from the Comic Life Community Forum  –


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Creating avatars

To create an online avatar  –

To draw an avatar/picture  –

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Create comics on-line for free

This site allows students to make comics on-line  –

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Great primary sites and activities

The ‘Read On’ site of Beenleigh State School has links to numerous English activities  –

Healthy Sanger Day and Science Planning – the students have used Comic Life and podcasts on this site –

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